Serie DAV - Kaminventilator

Rauchsauger bis zu 200°C, 1000  m³/h.
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The fan is designed for boosting the draft and extracting smoke fumes heated up to 200 °С for 5 hours. The unit is used for extracting hot smoke from fireplaces, furnaces and hearths. The fan is also suitable for standard periodic or constant exhaust ventilation.


The fan casing is made of galvanized steel with polymer coating protection from weather elements and agressive enviromental conditions. The fan also has a protective grille to prevent accidents from above and direct contact with the fan.


The fan is equipped with a single-phase asynchronous motor with ball bearings which contribute a longterm uninterrupted service. The motor is offset from the transported air stream and has an integral thermal protection. The compartment housing of the motor is isolated from the hot air stream and has ventilation openings for air circulation and heat dissipation. A purpose-designed impeller with backward-curved blades minimizes soot and carbon deposits for trouble-free operation and easy maintenance.


The fan is connected to the power mains via a transformer or thyristor speed controller, which enables draft regulation and, consequently, maximum efficiency of the fireplace operation.

The fan must be turned on in case of open fire in the fireplace. When the handled air temperature rises above 200 °С the fan must run at high speed without speed control.


The fan is mounted on the roof on the top section of the chimney. Make sure that the location provides for sufficient space as required for fan maintenance. Minimal recommended location is 6m from fireplace.

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