Serie VPI - Metallrohrventilator mit Gummidichtung

Niederdruck Axial-Ventilator Dalap VPI mit Gummidichtung Rohrventilatoren der sind universell einsetzbar und geeignet für längere Rohrleitungen mit geringem Luftwiderstand (wenig Bögen) und hohem Luftbedarf.


VPI fans feature the wide capabilities and the high performance of axial and centrifugal fans and are specifically designed for supply and exhaust ventilation of premises requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level. These fans are compatible with round air ducts from 150 to 315 mm. Exhaust ventilation systems based on Dalap VPI fans are the best solution for ventilation of bathrooms and kitchens and other humid premises as well as for ventilation of flats, cottages, shops, cafes, etc.


The casing is made of high-quality galvanized plate with a rubber seal on the flange and is manufactured in dimensions which correspond to our SPIRO ducting. Motor holder is made from the same plate as the fan body. The body holder is fixed using rivets–the older model was fixed using spot welds, which often cracked during transportation. Impeller made from aluminium plate (suction –motorcooling). On the end of the cable is an electrical box containing terminals for connection of the fan.


The Dalap VPI series are equipped with a single phase motor. The motors have thermal overheating protection to prevent motor overload. Slide bearings extend the motor service life up to 40 000 hours for non-stop operation. The motor has IP X4 ingress protection rating.


The fans are installed into a duct by means of connecting flanges.The fans are suitable for mounting at any angle and point in the system. The mounting box may be installed in any position to facilitate mounting and wiring.

CUSTOMS CODE: 84145925


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User Manual

ModelVoltage (V)
at 50 Hz
air capacity
r.p.m.Sound pressure
level (dB(A))
VPI 150 1~230 35 0,16 250 1300 54 1,7
VPI 160 1~230 40 0,18 290 1300 57 1,9
VPI 200 1~230 50 0,32 350 1300 61 2,2
VPI 250 1~230 60 0,34 600 1300 64 2,4
VPI 315 1~230 80 0,45 1000 1300 67 3,3

ModelDimensions (mm)
VPI 150 150 40 280 Detail
VPI 160 160 40 280 Detail
VPI 200 200 40 280 Detail
VPI 250 250 40 280 Detail
VPI 315 315 40 280 Detail