Der Dalap ALBATRO PROFI ist ein vertikal ausblasender Radialventilator. Der EC-Motor ermöglicht eine sehr hohe Förderleistung benötigt dafür aber 1,5 - 3 mal weniger Energie als normale Motoren. Auch die Lärmbelastung ist hier geringer. Diese Eigenschaften sind besonders für Anwendungsmöglichkeiten in öffentlichen Gebäuden (Banken, Hotels, Restaurants) interessant.
Produktname Model EAN Verfügbarkeit Preis ohne MWSt. Preis mit MWSt. In den Warenkorb
Dalap ALBATRO PROFI 250 9131 4250622616981 1 pc. 1,018.11 € 1,211.55 €
Dalap ALBATRO PROFI 280 9132 4250622616998 3 pcs. 1,072.52 € 1,276.30 €
Dalap ALBATRO PROFI 310 9133 4250622617001 1970-01-01 1,177.56 € 1,401.30 €
Dalap ALBATRO PROFI 355 9134 4250622617018 1970-01-01 1,814.83 € 2,159.65 €
Dalap ALBATRO PROFI 400 9135 4250622617025 1970-01-01 1,957.86 € 2,329.85 €
Dalap ALBATRO PROFI 450 9136 4250622617032 1970-01-01 2,281.34 € 2,714.80 €
Dalap ALBATRO PROFI 500 9137 4250622617049 2024-02-23 2,962.27 € 3,525.10 €
Dalap ALBATRO PROFI 560 9138 4250622617056 1970-01-01 3,390.80 € 4,035.05 €


The fans are intended for exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems for various premises where energy cost saving solutions and controlled ventilation systems are required. Albatro profi is a roof fan equipped with EC motors, which reduce energy demand by 1.5 - 3 times and ensure high performance combined with low noise levels. Such characteristics are especially important for application in public buildings like banks, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, residential premises and other buildings, including swimming pools.


The fan casing is made of steel with black polymeric coating.


The fans are equipped with high-efficient electronically-commutated direct current motors with external rotor and impellers with backward curved blades. The EC motor is free of friction and wear parts such as commutator and brushes. These components are replaced by a maintenance-free electronic circuit board. EC motors also feature high performance and easily controllable speed ranges. Premium efficiency reaching 90% is a definite advantage of electronically commutated motors.


The fan is controlled by an external 0-10 V control signal. The fan capacity regulation depends on temperature, pressure level, smoke content, etc. The fan has low energy consumption at any speed. Maximum fan speed does not depend on the available current frequency and is suitable for operation at both 50 and 60 Hz frequencies. Fans can be integrated into a single computer-driven control system. Custom designed software provides high accuracy control of the fans integrated into a network. The LED-display on the computer shows all system parameters and the operation mode can be set individually for each fan in the network.


The fan is mounted on the roof directly above the ventilating duct or shaft and is firmly fixed to a flat surface by means of a connecting plate. The screw holes in the mounting plate provide a reliable rigid fixing thus preventing water from entering the ventilation shaft. Electrical connection and installation should be performed in compliance with the manual.

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