Drehzahlregler RR1-2,5

Elektronische Einphasen-Drehzahlregler werden in der Lüftungs- und Klimatechnik zum Ein- und Ausschalten und zur Drehzahlregelung von einphasigen Ventilator-Motoren für eine stufenlose Anpassung der Motorspannung genutzt. Das Gehäuse besteht aus Kunststoff.

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Dalap RR1-2,5 20177 4250622620070 30+ pcs. 35.38 € 42.10 €


Regulators are used in ventilation systems to control the rotation speed of the fan motor. Speed controllers help to save energy and reduce noise from the working fan, by setting it to a lower speed if there is no need for fan operation at maximum speed, you can extend the life of the equipment by several times.


Speed control is carried out from the minimum to maximum value by means of a control knob, mounted on the board and it is responsible for the on / off function. The minimum rotation speed is defined by a pot resistor. By means of the speed controller, it is possible to control several fans. However, for this option there is one condition: the total current consumption must not exceed the maximum permissible value of the current regulator.
Installation is made on the wall inside the building.
Equipped with RFI filter and a fuse to 2.5A (+spare fuse included).

CUSTOMS CODE: 85371098



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