RDDB - Aluminium-Inspetionstür für Trockenbau, Staubdicht und Imprägniert

Einen maximalen Schutz gegen Staub und Feuchtigkeit bietet die Revisionstür Dalap RDDB. Sie ist nicht nur für die Montage in Gipsplatten sondern auch eine Vorwandmontage geeignet Dank des minimalen Spaltes zwischen Rahmen und Tür, welche mit einer Bürstendichtung ausgestattet ist, werden keine Staubpartikel durchgelassen. Die Revisionstür kann Revisions- und Schachtöffnungen komplett verschließen
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Dalap RDDB 200x200 4679 4250622630444 10+ pcs. 26.47 € 31.50 €
Dalap RDDB 300x300 4680 4250622631762 10+ pcs. 33.82 € 40.25 €
Dalap RDDB 400x400 4681 4250622631779 10+ pcs. 37.94 € 45.15 €
Dalap RDDB 500x500 4682 4250622631786 4 pcs. 45.21 € 53.80 €
Dalap RDDB 600x600 4683 4250622631793 10+ pcs. 51.76 € 61.60 €


The revision door Dalap RDDB is designed to be mounted in a plasterboard wall or ceiling. The door allows quick and convenient access to inspection holes. It is an opening mechanism that ensures secure closure. Opening or closing by pushing - the pressure lock works by pushing the inner frame plate at the locking point to cause the latch to snap open or close.

The main advantage of the door is the possibility of using the door as right and left hinged and convenient opening / closing by means of a pressure lock. Also reinforced pressed corners, firm hinge and minimal gap between movable flap frame and rigid frame are further benefits.

Possibility of lining with ceramic tiling. The green plasterboard contains an impregnated layer and is suitable for rooms with increased moisture content such as bathrooms or toilets.


The main frame and door frame construction is made of aluminum profile, with a 12.5 mm thick green panel mounted on the inner frame with self - drilling screws. The door is made of special aluminum profiles, which are pressed into the outer and inner frame by reinforced galvanized corners. The complete assembly is connected by a fixed hinge and allows the door leaf to be opened when necessary. The inner frame includes a brush seal that prevents streaming dust from the shaft into the room.


The inspection door is attached to the profiles by self-tapping screws. Universal mounting on the right or left side of the hole. The door is already equipped with a front plasterboard of the appropriate size. For the correct operation of the locks, the right angles of the outer frame are to be observed when mounting.

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