Serie LT - Gastro-Ventilator

Zur Entlüftung von schmutz-, fetthaltiger, heißer (bis +120° C) und feuchter Luft gegen hohe Widerstände.
Produktname Model EAN Verfügbarkeit Preis ohne MWSt. Preis mit MWSt. In den Warenkorb
Dalap LT 150 17013 4250622611061 4 pcs. 787.56 € 937.20 €
Dalap LT 160 17014 4250622611078 4 pcs. 797.40 € 948.90 €
Dalap LT 200 17030 4250622611085 1 pc. 1,053.99 € 1,254.25 €
Dalap LT 250 17031 4250622611092 4 pcs. 1,239.24 € 1,474.70 €


The fan is designed for extraction of contaminated hot air up to 110 °C (120°C within 60 minutes), in conditions of high air resistance in the system. This fan model suits the following applications: - kitchen exhaust ventilation systems; exhaust ventilation systems for removal of post welding gases; industrial bakery ventilation systems.


The fan casing is made of galvanized steel plate and is internally insulated with a 50 mm mineral wool layer. The swivel block of the impeller and motor provides easy access to the fan internals for easy and effective cleaning. The intake and exhaust flange diameters match standard ventilation air ducts and are equipped with rubber seals. The fan is installed in the mounting frames with integrated vibration connectors.


The fan is fitted with a reliable, maintenance-free single or three phase motor with a short circuit rotor and a high-efficiency steel centrifugal impeller with forward curved blades. The motor is equipped with integrated thermal contacts with terminals leading outside for connection to an external protection device. The impeller is mounted on the motor shaft and is balanced, both statically and dynamically. The motor has F class motor winding insulation and IP 54 ingress protection rating. 


The fan has both step and smooth speed control options with a transformer or frequency speed controller. Several fans may be connected to one controller if the total power and operating current do not exceed the rated controller parameters.


The fan is designed for connection to round air ducts. It can be wall-mounted using a mounting bracket (separate delivery). The fan is connected to mains power via the terminal box on the motor. The cable length must be long enough to enable motor-impeller block opening and closing.

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