Serie FN - Kamin-Ventilatoren

Mit Hilfe eines Kaminventilators ist es möglich, die warme Luft des Kaminofens im gesamten Haus schnell und effizient zu verteilen. Besonders geeignet ist der Heißluftventilator für Zweitwohnsitze oder Sommerhäuser, ohne feste Heizungsanlage, welche im Winter nicht beheizt werden.

Produktname Model EAN Verfügbarkeit Preis ohne MWSt. Preis mit MWSt. In den Warenkorb
Dalap FN 125 3136 4250622611030 30+ pcs. 168.70 € 200.75 €
Dalap FN 150 5348 4250622611047 30+ pcs. 191.05 € 227.35 €
Dalap FN 160 5365 4250622611054 4 pcs. 193.49 € 230.25 €


FN chimney fans can be used for fully-featured air heating system based on a fireplace. It´s perfect solution for heating of seasonal houses that serve as a second residence during winter time and provides fast and efficient hot air distribution from chimney to other premises. Can be used for air distribution with the air tempreature range 0 °C to +150 °C.


The fan casing is made from made of galvanized steel and equipped with heat - and sound insulation of fireresistant mineral wool. The casing is perforated for the internal air circulation and motor cooling. The temperature regulator is used for setting the temperature level for the fan switching on and off. Fan startup is effected within the range of 0 °С to +90 °С depending on the air temperature generated inside the fireplace heat-exchanger. 


The fans are supplied with single phase motors for operation in 230/50 Hz power supply network. Insulation Class F. The motors have built-in overheating protection with automatic restart.  The motor is placed off-airflow and is equipped with forward curved impeller blades as well as ball bearings for long service life. The fan models marked KAM are equipped with asynchronous motors and extra impeller for air blowing-off and cooling. Speed control for smooth and step fan control is performed by means of the thyristor or autotransformer.


The fireplace fans are designed for connection with round air ducts. The fans can be mounted in any position with respect to the airflow direction indicated with a pointer on the casing. Access for the fan maintenance shall be reserved. Warm air feed ducts shall be laid between the fan and each of the heated rooms. Concealed air ducts system with forced warm air circulation allows saving useful space n the house and fits to the house design.

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