Elektrischer Stellantrieb Belimo

Der elektrische Stellantrieb Belimo CM230 ist für das motorgesteuerte Öffnen und Schließen von dalap KTP Drosselklappen an schwer zugänglichen Stellen in Lüftungssystemen oder Klimaanlagen konzipiert. Mit einem Drehmoment von 2Nm sind sie für Querschnittsflächen bis zu 0,4m² geeignet.
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Belimo CM 230 2018 4250622622234 10+ pcs. 180.63 € 214.95 €


The Belimo servo motor is designed for KTM  round metal air shutters. The servo motor with actuating torque 2 Nm is designed for controlling air dampers with cross section up to 0.4 m² installed in various ventilation and air conditioning systems. The Belimo CM 230 is controlled with a three-point control system. The damper is opened or closed by a single circuit control. The turning angle is adjusted by mechanical end stops. The power cable is 1m long.


The actuator is installed directly on the damper axis and locked with a special spindle clamp to prevent its turning-through. The actuator overload protection stops the actuator once it reaches the end positions. In case of installation of a magnet on the actuator housing, the gear is disengaged and the damper changes to manual operation mode. 

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